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Chocolate Bars

From single origin artisanal bars to confections with fun flavours, chocolate bars are the perfect to try and sample the different types of chocolate available.

Chocolate bars come in all shapes and sizes and choc-o-holic CHOCOLATE SHOP brings a wide selection all in one place.

Chocolate Bar Types:

Chocolate bars come in different chocolate types, some are made from one type of chocolate, some are mixed, some bars are plain and some are flavoured. The main different types of bar are:

Chocolate Bar Names & Sizes:

From mini tasting squares to giant slabs; chocolate bars have a variety to sizes and names.

Hotel Chocolat has two different chocolate bar styles, chocolate slabs and Purist bars. Their rather famous chocolate slabs come in four different sizes:

  • Giant Chocolate Slabs.
  • Seasonal Slabs.
  • Mini Chocolate Slabs.
  • Nano Chocolate Slabs.

All of the chocolate slabs from Hotel Chocolat have the same shape, an uneven rectangle with fluid edges that represent molten chocolate being prepared on the chocolatiers table. The biggest chocolate slabs are Hotel Chocolat's Giant Chocolate Slabs weighing in at an impressive 500g. The seasonal slabs range from 200g to 300g and appear at Christmas and Easter, and other chocolate occasions. Hotel Chocolat’s Mini Slabs are only really mini compared to the massive 500g bars, they are actually “normal” size 100g bars and appear in Hotel Chocolat's Selector range. Nano bars are like tasting squares, and are a great way to sample lots of different flavours, shown off perfectly in The Nano Slab Gallery.

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