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Chocolate Bar

Amedei Toscano White Chocolate Bar

Amedei Toscano White Chocolate Bar
Amedei Cioccolato al Latte Bianco. This eye-catching Amedei Toscano White bar proves that white chocolate can also be a classy affair. A beautifully sweet and creamy flavour sensation, with notes of vanilla and a pleasant lingering aftertaste.

Indulge in the pure, delicate, and luxuriantly harmonious experience of Amedei Toscano White Chocolate Bar, a white chocolate bar that is a testament to the art of fine chocolate making. Amedei Cioccolato al Latte Bianco, is crafted with a tender blend of precious cocoa butter and whole milk sourced from Brittany, North-West France, this chocolate bar is a celebration of simplicity and elegance.

The Toscano Bianco carries you into a whirl of aromas and sensations, with subtle notes of honey and vanilla that anticipate the velvety flavour of fresh milk. Each bite is a journey through a variety of scents and emotions, a smooth blend that promises a chocolate experience like no other.

With its commitment to quality and purity, Amedei ensures that the Toscano Bianco white chocolate bar is free from any additives that might alter its taste structure. It's not just a chocolate; it's an exploration of flavours that are both comforting and exciting, making it a perfect treat for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Toscano White:
  • Cocoa Content: 29%.
  • Chocolate Type: White.
  • Weight: 50g.
  • Tasting Notes: Sweet & Creamy.
  • Collection: Amedei Toscano White.

Amedei White Chocolate Bar:

A white chocolate bar from Amedei.

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