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Indulge in the world-class quality of Callebaut Chocolate, the Belgian treasure that has been the cornerstone of exquisite desserts and confections for over a century. With a rich heritage and a commitment to excellence, Callebaut continues to inspire chefs and chocolatiers with its superior range of products.

Callebaut Callets: The Secret to Seamless Melting

Discover the magic of Callebaut Callets, the innovative chocolate drops that have revolutionized the art of chocolate melting. Designed for precision and ease, Callebaut Callets ensure a smooth, luscious melt every time, making them the go-to choice for professionals. Available in a variety of types, including dark, milk, and white chocolate, each Callet is crafted to deliver the perfect balance of cocoa and sweetness.

A Spectrum of Flavours: Callebaut’s Diverse Chocolate Types

Callebaut’s dedication to diversity is evident in its extensive range of chocolate types. From the robust intensity of 70% dark chocolate to the creamy richness of milk chocolate and the delicate sweetness of white chocolate, there’s a Callebaut chocolate to suit every palate and purpose. Each type is formulated to provide consistent flavour and texture, ensuring your creations are nothing short of perfection.

Bulk Brilliance: Callebaut Chocolate 10kg for Culinary Ventures

For those who dream big in the kitchen, Callebaut offers its premium chocolate in 10kg bulk bags. This option is perfect for large-scale productions or for stocking up your pantry with the finest Belgian chocolate. Whether you’re crafting hundreds of truffles or perfecting your signature chocolate cake, Callebaut’s 10kg packs are the smart choice for quality and quantity.

Callebaut Chocolate Chips: The Baking Essential

Elevate your baking with Callebaut Chocolate Chips, designed to hold their shape and impart rich chocolate flavour in every bite. Ideal for cookies, muffins, and a myriad of desserts, these chips are a testament to Callebaut’s commitment to versatility and excellence in the realm of chocolate.

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