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Chocolate Fountain Chocolate

Callebaut Chocolate for Fountains Dark Chocolate 2.5kg

A 2.5kg bag of dark chocolate for fountains by Callebaut.
Dark chocolate for chocolate fountains and fondues from Callebaut, CHD-N811FOUNNV-552.

Designed specifically for fluidity, melting in chocolate fountains and fondues, Callebaut Dark Chocolate for Chocolate Fountains does not need anything added to it, like other chocolates. The dark chococolate is balanced to give a glossy liquid chocolate and a good flavour, flavour based on Callebaut Dark Chocolate Couverture 811NV chocolate, sold in a bulk bag in Callets, chocolate chip form, for easier melting. Perfect for commercial chocolate fountains or home use.

Also available in milk chocolate as the Callebaut Milk Chocolate for Chocolate Fountains.

Callebaut Chocolate for Fountains, Dark:

Dark chocolate Callets, chocolate chips, for use in chocolate fountains and fondues.

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