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Chocolate Bars

TONY’S CHOCOLONELY big bar Rainbow 6 Pack (6 x 180g bars)

TONY’S CHOCOLONELY big bar Rainbow 6 Pack (6 x 180g bars)
Brighten up your day with the TONY’S CHOCOLONELY big bar Rainbow 6 Pack. This vibrant collection features six generously sized 180g bars, each offering a unique and irresistible flavour that makes this assortment a true celebration of chocolate diversity.

Unwrap joy with every colour of the TONY’S CHOCOLONELY Rainbow. This six pack is an assortment of classic flavours that cater to every chocolate lover’s dream:
  • Milk Chocolate: Smooth and creamy, it’s the quintessential comfort chocolate.
  • Milk Caramel Sea Salt: A perfect harmony of sweet and salty, with rich caramel notes.
  • Milk Almond Honey Nougat: Crunchy almonds and sweet honey nougat embedded in velvety milk chocolate.
  • Dark Almond Sea Salt: Intense dark chocolate enriched with crunchy almonds and a sprinkle of sea salt.
  • Milk Hazelnut: A delightful combination of milk chocolate and whole hazelnuts for a satisfying crunch.
  • Extra Dark Chocolate: For the purists, a robust dark chocolate with a deep cocoa flavour.
Each bar is a testament to TONY’S CHOCOLONELY’s commitment to Fair Trade practices and their vision of 100% slave-free chocolate. Not only are these bars packed with exquisite flavours, but they also carry a message of equality and sustainability.

Whether you’re looking to treat a friend, try some of the wonderful chocolate from TONY'S CHOCOLONELY or simply indulge yourself, this Rainbow 6 Pack is choc-full of happiness and ethical goodness. It’s more than just chocolate; it’s a movement towards a fairer world, one (or six) delicious bar at a time.

TONY'S CHOCOLONELY Rainbow Chocolate Bar Bundle:

A gift box of six chocolate bars from TONY'S CHOCOLONELY, a showcase of thier wonderful chocolate bars.

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