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Amedei Chuao 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bar

Amedei Chuao 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bar
Indulge in the luxurious taste of Amedei Chuao, a premium 70% dark chocolate bar that promises an unrivalled sensory experience. Crafted from the rare and highly sought-after Chuao cocoa beans, this chocolate bar is a testament to Amedei’s commitment to quality and excellence.

Tasting Notes: As you unwrap the elegant packaging, the rich aroma of dark chocolate greets you, hinting at the depth of flavour that awaits. Upon the first bite, the robust intensity of 70% cocoa unfolds, revealing layers of complex flavours. Notes of red fruits, hints of espresso, and a subtle smokiness dance on the palate, culminating in a smooth and lingering finish.

Texture and Quality: The Amedei Chuao chocolate bar boasts a velvety texture that melts effortlessly in your mouth, a hallmark of its superior quality. The meticulous bean-to-bar process ensures that each square of chocolate is a perfect balance of creaminess and cocoa richness.

Sustainability and Origin: Sourced from the exclusive Chuao region of Venezuela, known for producing some of the world’s finest cocoa, Amedei ensures sustainable farming practices and fair trade standards. This not only supports the local community but also preserves the unique flavour profile of the Chuao cocoa beans. Amedei has world exclusive rights to the highly prized Chuao cocoa bean.

Perfect Pairings: Pair this exquisite dark chocolate with a glass of full-bodied red wine, a cup of artisanal coffee, or enjoy it on its own to fully appreciate its exceptional taste.

Whether you’re a connoisseur or a casual chocolate lover, the Amedei Chuao 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bar is a delightful journey through the art of fine chocolate making. Treat yourself or gift it to someone special, and savour the unparalleled experience of Amedei’s chocolate craftsmanship.

Amedei Chuao:
  • Cocoa Content: 70%.
  • Chocolate Type: Dark.
  • Bean Type: Criollo v. Chuao.
  • Country of Origin: Venezuela.
  • Weight: 50g.
  • Tasting Notes: Red fruits, Espresso.
  • Collection: Amedei I Neri.


Best Dark Chocolate Bar, Gold Academy of Chocolate; 2006, 2007, 2008

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