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Pralus Indonesie 75% Dark Chocolate Bar

Pralus Indonesie 75% Dark Chocolate Bar
Indulge in the exquisite Pralus Indonesie 75% Dark Chocolate Bar, a true masterpiece crafted with the finest Criollo cocoa from the lush island of Java, Indonesia. This luxurious chocolate bar offers a symphony of flavours that will take your senses on an unforgettable journey.

The Pralus Indonesie bar begins with a tantalizing burst of orange peel notes, delivering a pleasing acidity that gradually evolves into a complex medley of woody, liquorice, and toffee finishes. Connoisseurs will appreciate the subtle hints of mushroom and smokiness, a signature of this single-origin bar.

Sourced from the renowned Criollo trees of Java in Indonesia, introduced by the Spanish in the 17th century, this chocolate boasts a rich heritage and a distinctive flavour profile. The Criollo variety is celebrated for its fine flavour, which is fully expressed in this 75% dark chocolate bar.

Each 100g bar is a celebration of the artisanal French chocolate-making tradition, offering a rich, dark, and smoky experience that is both heat-sensitive and non-GMO. The Pralus Indonesie 75% Dark Chocolate Bar is not just a treat; it’s an exploration of flavour that promises to leave a lasting impression on your palate.

Enjoy this exceptional chocolate experience!

Pralus Indonesie Chocolate Bar:
  • Cocoa Content: 75%.
  • Chocolate Type: Dark.
  • Bean Type: Criollo.
  • Country of Origin: Indonesia.
  • Weight: 100g.
  • Tasting Notes: Fruity & roasted.
  • Collection: Pralus Les Tropiques du Chocolat.

Pralus Indonesie 75% Chocolate Bar

A fruity and roasted 75% cocoa dark chocolate bar from Pralus showcasing the Criollo cocoa bean from Indonesia.

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