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Chocolate Tasting Squares

Valrhona Collection Grands Crus

Valrhona Collection Grands Crus
Valrhona Collection Grands Crus, Carres de chocolat noir, dark chocolate Grands Crus tasting napolitains, tasting box of single origin dark chocolate squares.

In the Valrhona Collection Grands Crus A stylish chocolate box containing 66 tasting dark chocolate squares, in the 6 dark Valrhona Les Grands Crus flavours:
  • Valrhona Manjari; single origin 64% cocoa from Madagascar.
  • Valrhona Tainori; single origin 64% cocoa from the Dominican Republic.
  • Valrhona Caraibe; blended 66% cocoa from the Carribean.
  • Valrhona Guanaja; a blended 70% cocoa dark chocolate.
  • Valrhona Alpaco; single origin 66% cocoa from Ecuador.
  • Valrhona Abinao; 85% cocoa blended Forastero beans from Africa.
Inside the box is the Valrhona tasting wheel, a tasting guide, and notes on the origins of the cocoa beans for each flavour.

A wonderful gift for any chocolate lover, but especially for a fine dark chocolate enthusiast. A chocolate tasting box exploring the depths and varieties of chocolate.

Valrhona Collection Grands Crus Tasting Squares 330g:

A large box of dark chocolate tasting squares containing sixty-six chocolates in the six Valrhona Les Grands Crus flavours.

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