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Valrhona Caramelia 36% Milk Chocolate Chips 3kg

Valrhona Caramelia 36% Milk Chocolate Chips 3kg
Valrhona Caramelia, le gourmandise du caramel; the indulgence of caramel with Valrhona's Caramélia caramel chocolate.

A large 3kg bag of chocolate chips from Valrhona, perfect for cooking, baking and chocolate decorations. Unlike caramel-flavoured chocolate Valrhona Caramélia is made with a dairy based caramel with milk chocolate added, creating a smooth caramel chocolate with a consistent smoothness and creamy caramel taste.

Valrhona Caramelia chocolate chips are available in two different sized bags the large 3kg and the smaller Valrhona Caramelia 36% Milk Chocolate Chips 1kg, the same chocolate also comes in a 250g chocolate block for baking. Valrhona Caramelia 36% Chips:
  • Cocoa Content: 36%.
  • Chocolate Type: Milk.
  • Bean Type: Blended.
  • Country of Origin: Honduras.
  • Weight: 3000g/3kg.
  • Tasting Notes: Caramel.
  • Flavouring: Caramel.
  • Collection: Valrhona Les Grands Crus, Valrhona Mariage de Grands Crus.

Valrhona Caramel Chocolate Chips

A bulk 3000g of Valrhona chocolate chips, made from 36% milk chocolate flavoured with caramel.

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