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Chocolate Bar

Thorntons 70% Dark Chocolate Block

Thorntons 70% Dark Chocolate Block
Thorntons Chocolate 70% Dark Chocolate Block, for those who like their chocolate indulgently rich, dark and full of flavour, Thorntons master chocolatier has created this masterpiece using the very finest cocoa beans and 70% cocoa.

Thorntons 70% Dark Chocolate Block:
  • Cocoa Content: 70%.
  • Chocolate Type: Dark.
  • Bean Type: Blended.
  • Country of Origin: Blended.
  • Weight: 90g.
  • Tasting Notes: Intensely Dark.
  • Collection: Thorntons Chocolate Blocks.

Thorntons 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bar:

A very dark chocolate bar, made with 70% cocoa, from Thorntons Chocolate Block collection.

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