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Hotel Chocolat Exuberantly Fruity H-Box Chocolate Box

Hotel Chocolat Exuberantly Fruity H-Box Chocolate Box
Step into a world where chocolate meets the vivacious flavours of fruit with the Hotel Chocolat Exuberantly Fruity H-Box. This delightful assortment of 17 handpicked chocolates is a celebration of the exuberance of fruit and the richness of cocoa. Each chocolate is a masterful pairing of luscious fruit flavours with the finest milk, dark, or white chocolate, creating a match that’s nothing short of heavenly.

The box is a kaleidoscope of tastes, featuring the Blackcurrant Bombe with its intense berry notes, the Strawberry Cup that’s like a summer’s day in a bite, and the Passion Fruit Baby Truffle that’s a tropical getaway wrapped in chocolate. The Raspberry Smoothie is a blend of tart and sweet, a dance of flavours that’s as refreshing as it is indulgent.

With a minimum of 36% cocoa butter, the white chocolate selections offer a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth experience. The vanilla notes are a perfect counterpoint to the tangy passion fruit puree and the Banana Smoothie is a smooth concoction of fresh banana and Madagascan vanilla seeds.

The Exuberantly Fruity H-Box Chocolate Box features "H" cut-out in the lid, so you can see the delicious chocolates inside. The Raspberry Panna Cotta and Lemon Cheesecakes stand out with their natural blush and sunshine hues, making this box a visual feast.

It’s a beautiful gift for any fruit and chocolate enthusiast, and with no artificial flavours or colours, it’s a treat you can feel good about.

Hotel Chocolat Exuberantly Fruity Chocolate H-Box:
  • Chocolate Type: Milk, dark and white.
  • Flavours: Orange Wafer Selector, strawberry, lime, apple, mango, Eton Mess, blackcurrant, passion fruit, coconut, lemon.
  • Types: truffles, pralines, filled chocolates.
  • Number of chocolates: 17.
  • Weight: 170g.
  • Box: Rectangle, single layer.
  • Collection: Hotel Chocolat H-Boxes.
The Exuberantly Fruity H-Box is a smaller version of the the Hotel Chocolat Exuberantly Fruity Sleekster.

Hotel Chocolat Exuberantly Fruity H-Box:

A Hotel Chocolat H-Box with a selection of fruity chocolate recipes from Hotel Chocolat.

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