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Hotel Chocolat Everything H-Box Chocolate Box

Hotel Chocolat Everything H-Box Chocolate Box
The Hotel Chocolat Everything H-Box Chocolate Box, a luxurious assortment of 185g of the finest chocolates. This elegantly presented box is a treasure trove of the most beloved recipes from Hotel Chocolat, featuring a symphony of 14 milk, dark, and white chocolate creations.

Each chocolate is a masterpiece, crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. From the celebratory Champagne Truffle, made with real Champagne, to the rich and velvety Mousse au Chocolat, this collection is a testament to Hotel Chocolat’s commitment to excellence. The Eton Mess offers a creamy delight, while the Florentine Isabelle provides a satisfying crunch, and the Raspberry Smoothie delivers an authentically tangy experience.

The Hotel Chocolat Everything H-Box Chocolate Box is a box of chocolates featuring a selection of the most popular chocolates from the Hotel Chocolat range. Fourteen different chocolate recipes presented in a gift box, a great way to sample or try chocolates from Hotel Chocolat.

Hotel Chocolat Everything H-Box:
  • Chocolate Type: Milk, dark and white.
  • Flavours: Champagne Truffle, Caramel Cheesecake, Cherry Deluxe, Eton Mess, Mousse au Chocolat, Going Nuts, Supermilk Caesar, Raspberry Smoothie, Billionaire’s Shortbread, Florentine Isabelle, Fudge Sundae, Carrot Cake, The Brownie, Dark Dizzy Praline.
  • Types: truffles, pralines, filled chocolates.
  • Number of chocolates: 14.
  • Weight: 180g.
  • Box: Rectangle, single layer.
  • Collection: Hotel Chocolat H-Boxes.
The Everything H-Box is a smaller version of the the Hotel Chocolat Everything Selection Chocolate Box Sleekster, which has the same recipes but more chocolates.

Hotel Chocolat Everything H-Box:

A medium sized box of chocolates from from Hotel Chocolat, part of the Hotel Chocolat H-Box range.

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