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Hotel Chocolat Everything Sleekster Chocolate Box

Hotel Chocolat Everything Sleekster Chocolate Box
Step into a world of chocolate luxury with the Hotel Chocolat Everything Sleekster Chocolate Box, Hotel Chocolat's bestselling box of chocolates. This exquisite collection is a showcase of 27 of Hotel Chocolat’s best-selling recipes, carefully curated to offer a complete tasting adventure.

The Everything Sleekster is a star-studded selection that features an array of white, milk, and dark chocolates to suit every mood and craving. From the lavish Champagne Truffle, made with real Champagne, to the juicy Cherry Deluxe and the super-smooth Mousse au Chocolat, each chocolate is a celebration of flavour and craftsmanship.

For those who enjoy nuttier notes, the Florentine Isabelle and Dizzy Praline provide a harmonious balance between rich, high-cocoa chocolate and the subtle sweetness of roasted nuts. Dessert lovers will delight in the patisserie-inspired treats like the Billionaires Shortbread and the velvety white chocolate Eton Mess truffles.

The box also introduces the Neapolitan Macaron, a novel creation featuring mellow chocolate discs and delicate strawberry whip, ensuring there’s something for everyone. With two of nearly every delight, it’s perfect for sharing or indulging solo.

Elegantly packaged in a design inspired by the cacao pod, making it a sophisticated gift for any occasion or a treat for oneself. Made in the United Kingdom with cocoa from West Africa, this box is a testament to Hotel Chocolat’s dedication to quality. The Everything Sleekster Chocolate Box is truly a decadent selection that promises a journey through the very best of Hotel Chocolat’s world of chocolate.

Hotel Chocolat Everything Selection Chocolate Box Sleekster:
  • Chocolate Type: milk, dark and white.
  • Flavours: praline, caramel, cherry, nuts, peanut, carrot, fudge.
  • Types: truffles, pralines, filled chocolates.
  • Number of chocolates: 27.
  • Weight: 350g.
  • Box: Rectangle, single layer.
  • Collection: Hotel Chocolat Sleeksters.
With something for everyone the chocolate Everything Sleekster makes a wonderful chocolate gift. Also from Hotel Chocolat are the Everything H-Box and the Everything Sleekster Luxe, both with the same chocolate recipes - but in different sizes.

Hotel Chocolat Everything Selection Chocolate Box:

A chocolate box from Hotel Chocolat with a selection of their most popular chocolates in a Sleekster box.

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