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Hotel Chocolat H-Boxes

Hotel Chocolat H-boxes are a delightful boxes of chocolate in a variety of flavours and selections. H-boxes are smaller versions of Hotel Chocolat Sleekster chocolate boxes, the have the same chocolate recipes but less chocolates. Packaged in a sleek and stylish boxes with the some of the chocolates on display, making them a perfect gift for any chocolate lover.

Hotel Chocolat H-Box Flavours:

H-Boxes come in a variety in the flavours and are the as same Hotel Chocolat Sleekster. Six different boxes are available all year round, with special and seasonal Hotel Chocolat H-boxes at Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and Mother’s Day, making them a perfect seasonal chocolate gift.

The permanent Hotel Chocolat H-Boxes are:

  • Everything H-Box: This box features a collection of Hotel Chocolat’s most popular chocolates, including pralines, ganaches, and caramels.
  • Exuberantly Fruity H-Box: filled with chocolates that are bursting with fresh fruit flavours, such as mango, passion fruit, and raspberry.
  • Milk to Caramel H-Box: offers a range of chocolates made with different types of milk and caramel, from a light and milky white chocolate to a deep and decadent dark caramel.
  • Serious Dark Fix H-Box: a box of chocolates for the dark chocolate lover, with a selection of chocolates made with 70% cocoa or higher.
  • Patisserie H-B ox: chocolates inspired by classic French pastries, such as carrot cake, baba au rhum, and crème brûlée.

Also from Hotel Chocolat are the Hotel Chocolat Sleeksters, larger versions of the Hotel Chocolat H-Boxes.

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