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Chocolate Box

Hotel Chocolat Chocs-to-Chill Sleekster Chocolate Box

Hotel Chocolat Chocs-to-Chill Sleekster Chocolate Box, chocolates with the flavours of  ice creams, milkshakes and smoothies.
Chocolates with the flavours of classic ice-cream, chocolate milkshakes and fruity smoothies all the in Hotel Chocolat Chocs-to-Chill Sleekster Chocolate Box. Specially created to be chilled, but just as tasty at room temperature, these chocolates have fun and nostalgic flavours of the summer. These alcohol-free Chocs-to-Chill have seven different flavours, with three of each flavour, creating a mouthwatering selection in milk, white and dark chocolate.

Hotel Chocolat Chocs-to-Chill Chocolate Box Sleekster:
  • Chocolate Type: milk, dark and white.
  • Flavours: Praline & Cream Ice Cream, Simple Milk Truffle, Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream, Vanilla Truffle, Blueberry & Strawberry White Ganache, Apple & Blackcurrant Smoothie, Blood Orange Sorbet, Butterscotch Milk Shake.
  • Types: truffles, pralines, filled chocolates.
  • Number of chocolates: 27.
  • Weight: 300g.
  • Box: Rectangle, single layer.
  • Collection: Hotel Chocolat Sleeksters, Hotel Chocolat Chocolates-to-Chill.
Also from Hotel Chocolat is the smaller Chocs-to-Chill H-Box Chocolate Box, with the same chilled flavours, but in a smaller box. And the rather boozy Hotel Chocolat Cocktails-to-Chill, for the adults.

Hotel Chocolat Chilled Chocolate Box:

A chocolate box for summer from Hotel Chocolat, twenty-seven chocolates with fruity and fresh flavours, presented in a Sleekster box.

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