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Chocolate Truffles

Montezuma’s Moondance Dark Chocolate Truffles

Montezuma's Moondance Dark Chocolate and Almond Praline Chocolate Truffles
Montezuma's Moondance Dark Chocolate Truffles, 120g of vegan and organic dark chocolate truffles with almond praline made without milk. Smooth and dark 74% cocoa chocolate surrounds a rich a nutty almond praline centre.

Presented in a tented box made from 100% recyclable packaging, the vegan Moondance dark chocolate truffles make a wonderful chocolate gift or a treat.

Also Montezuma's made from organic and vegan dark chocolate are the Crème de Cacao, Sunrise and Quick Fix chocolate truffles.

Montezuma's Moondance Chocolate Truffles:

Square almond praline dark chocolate truffles from Montezuma's Chocolate Truffles collection, in a 120g box with approximately eight truffles inside.

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