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CLUIZEL Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

CLUIZEL Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans
Step into the world of premium chocolate-covered coffee beans with CLUIZEL Grains d’Arôme, Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans by from Michel Cluizel. This exquisite treat is a perfect harmony of rare Arabica beans from Brazil and the finest dark chocolate, offering a luxurious taste experience that is sure to delight coffee and chocolate connoisseurs alike.

Each coffee bean is carefully selected near Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, known for its high-quality Arabica beans. These beans are slowly roasted to perfection, bringing out their rich, full-bodied flavour. They are then coated with a generous layer of Michel Cluizel’s signature 60% dark chocolate, which is renowned for its purity and depth of flavour.

The combination of the roasted coffee bean’s robustness and the smooth, rich chocolate creates a sensory delight with each bite. The chocolate’s sweetness perfectly complements the coffee’s slight bitterness, resulting in a sophisticated snack that is both energizing and comforting.

Also from Les Drages Chocolat by CLUIZEL are the dark chocolate coated caramelised almonds, made using the same traditional enrobing technique.

CLUIZEL Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans:

Slowly roasted coffee beans coated with dark chocolate from CLUIZEL.

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