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Martin’s Chocolatier Delicious Milk Chocolate Brussel Sprouts

Martin’s Chocolatier Delicious Milk Chocolate Brussel Sprouts
Not everyone likes Brussel Sprouts, it is the the classic Christmas "love it or hate it". But Martin’s Chocolatier created their own that everyone will love, because they are made out of chocolate!

Discover the delightful twist on a festive classic with Martin’s Chocolatier Chocolate Brussel Sprouts. These whimsical treats are perfect for those who love or loathe the traditional holiday greens. Each piece is a masterful blend of a soft, milk chocolate centre infused with a zesty hint of orange, all encased in a white chocolate shell crafted to resemble a Brussel Sprout.

Presented in a little box with a clear lid, these chocolate Brussel sprouts make for an amusing and tasty gift, ideal for sharing with friends and family of all ages. They’re alcohol-free, ensuring everyone can enjoy a bite of these unique, soft-cantered chocolates. Whether as a playful addition to your festive spread or a gift to bring a smile, Martin’s Chocolatier creation is sure to convert even the staunchest sprout sceptics into fans.

Delicious milk chocolates shaped and decorated to look like real Brussel Sprouts, chocolate truffles with a soft centred milk chocolate orange encased by a white chocolate shell. Presented in as a small box of chocolates.

Martin’s Chocolatier Chocolate Brussel Sprouts:

Fun chocolates for Christmas from Martin's Chocolatier, 100% chocolate Brussel Sprouts, that taste delicious and look realistic!

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