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Martin’s Chocolatier 30 Dark and Delicious Chocolates Signature Range Chocolate Box

Martin’s Chocolatier Dark Chocolates Signature Range Chocolate Box
Step into a world of indulgence with Martin’s Chocolatier Signature Collection, a luxury handmade chocolate box that is the epitome of chocolate craftsmanship. This exquisite collection features 30 Belgian chocolates, offering an array of 15 assorted flavours that cater to every palate. Each chocolate is a piece of art, handcrafted with passion and precision to ensure the ultimate tasting experience.

The Dark and Delicious chocolate box, from Martins Chocolatier Signature Collection, is a celebration of rich and intense cocoa flavours, carefully selected to showcase the depth and diversity of Belgian chocolate. From the spicy zing of ‘Emma’ with its dark ginger ganache to the indulgent ‘Bella’ triple chocolate mudslide, each chocolate is a celebration of the chocolatier’s art. ‘Glenda’ brings the warmth of Scotch whisky in a truffle form, while ‘Wimbledon’ offers the delicate sophistication of pink Marc de Champagne. ‘Ruby’ is a sweet rendition of vanilla crème brûlée, and ‘Lola’ is a tropical escape with its coconut fondant.

The collection continues to delight with ‘Darcy’s’ roasted praline squares, ‘Paris’ with its raspberry Marc de Champagne truffle, and ‘Beethoven’s’ nostalgic gingerbread squares. ‘Joanna’ wraps vanilla and caramel in a delicate parcel, ‘Lusia’ presents a white chocolate sparkling wine truffle, and ‘St Strelley’ is a classic chocolate cup. ‘Martin’ and ‘Romeo’ round out the selection with salted caramel truffles and praline chocolate hearts, respectively.

This Signature Collection is the perfect gift for any chocolate lover, offering a taste of luxury that will linger long after the last piece has been enjoyed. Crafted with the highest quality Belgian chocolate, each piece is not just scrumptious, but a work of art. It’s no wonder Martin’s Chocolatier is celebrated as the number one chocolatier on Amazon. Enjoy the richness of tradition and the joy of innovation with every bite of Martin’s Chocolatier’s Signature Collection.

Martin’s Chocolatier Signature Range Dark and Delicious Chocolate Box:
  • Chocolate Type: Dark.
  • Flavours: Raspberry, caramel, ginger, Marc de Champagne, whisky, salted caramel, pear, coconut.
  • Types: Truffles, pralines, solid chocolates, batons and cups.
  • Number of chocolates: 30.
  • Weight: 360g.
  • Box: Rectangle, single layer.
  • Collection: Martin’s Chocolatier Signature Range.
Also available as Martin’s Chocolatier 16 Dark and Delicious Chocolates Chocolate Box, the same flavours but in a smaller box.

Martin’s Chocolatier Dark and Delicious Chocolate Box:

A large box of dark chocolates from the Martin's Chocolatier Christmas collection.

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