Couverture Chocolate

Couverture chocolate is chocolate with high cocoa butter content, making it ideal for fillings and ganaches to enrobing, dipping, moulding and coating. Chocolate for chocolate making.

Couverture Chocolate, chocolate for making chocolate.

What is couverture chocolate?
Couverture chocolate is chocolate with a higher than average cocoa butter content, this combined with a high cocoa solids content results in quality chocolate used by professionals and chocolate companies.

Couverture chocolate is available in two main forms, couverture chocolate bars and chocolate chips:

  • Couverture chocolate bars - also know is couverture blocks, are generally used in domestic cooking and chocolate tasting as they are smaller in size. More expensive and rare cocoa types are only sold in bars.
  • Couverture chocolate chips - couverture chocolate in smaller pieces which helps the chocolate melt faster, couverture chocolate chips are sold in a various quantities from small bags to large bulk sacks up to ten kilos in size. Chocolate chips are also used as chocolate for chocolate fountains, due to the ease of melting.

Couverture is French for coverage.