Amedei Chocolate I Cru Neapolitans

Amedei Chocolate I Cru 36 Neapolitans

I Cru 36 Neapolitans

36 dark chocolate tasting squares from Amedei the I Cru chocolate box contains thirty six neapolitans in the six Amedei Cru varieties.

Inside the chocolate tasting box, the single origins chocolates are separated into smaller boxes, by country of origin:

  • Ecuador
  • Grenada
  • Jamaica
  • Madagascar
  • Trinidad
  • Venezuela

The collection is finished off with a booklet explaining more about the origins of the chocolates. A wonderful gift for a chocolate connoisseur or for a tasting event.

The smaller Amedei I Cru 12 Neapolitans is also available.


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Chocolate Neapolitans:

Neapolitans are chocolate squares, or mini chocolate bars, of assorted flavours used for chocolate tasting or as favours.