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Chocolate Batons

Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Batons – 70% Dark

Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Batons – 70% Dark
A box of tasting chocolates, Hotel Chocolat's 70% cocoa dark chocolate batons.

Originally designed for Hotel Chocolat's Tasting Club, the tasting batons are the perfect size and dimensions to get the best from the chocolate.

Presented in a box of twenty tasting batons, these 70% cocoa dark chocolate batons are perfect for sampling the intense flavours and cocoa notes.

The batons are available in a wide selection of cocoa percentages in Hotel Chocolat Selectors range.

Dark Chocolate Tasting Batons:

A box of 20 dark chocolate tasting chocolates from Hotel Chocolat, 70% cocoa, smooth and strong without being overly bitter.

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