Hotel Chocolat A Dozen Quail Egglets

Hotel Chocolat A Dozen Quail Egglets

A Dozen Quail Egglets

Twelve mini Easter egg shaped chocolates from Hotel Chocolat for Easter, a selection of filled chocolates, pralines and truffles each with wonderful flavours and presented in a mini egg box as "A Dozen Quail Egglets".

These delicious Easter chocolates are also available in the the larger Easter Egg Chocolate Box and the Milk Chocolate Extra Thick Easter Egg, or as Egglets boxes and as indiviual flavours in Easter Egglet Selectors.

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Made by Hotel Chocolat
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Mini Easter Eggs:

A dozen mini chocolate eggs, presented in an egg box, the Dozen Quail Eggs are flavoured mini Easter eggs from the Easter range at Hotel Chocolat.