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Chocolate Truffles

Montezuma’s Prosecco Chocolate Truffles Collection

Montezuma’s Prosecco Chocolate Truffles Collection
Montezuma's Prosecco Chocolate Truffles Collection, a box of sixteen milk chocolate truffles with white chocolate and Prosecco centres.

Beautifully presented in a white box, decorated with a feather print and silver ribbon, a gorgeous chocolate gift.

Montezuma's Prosecco Chocolate Truffles:
  • Chocolate Type: Milk.
  • Flavours: Prosecco and white chocolate.
  • Types: truffles.
  • Number of chocolates: 16.
  • Weight: 210g.
  • Box: Square, single layer.
  • Collection: Montezuma's Chocolate Truffles.

Prosecco Chocolate Truffles Collection:

A box of Montezuma's Chocolate Truffles, white chocolate and Prosecco in a milk chocolate shell.

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