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Hotel Chocolat Marzipan Chocolate Box

Hotel Chocolat Marzipan Chocolate Box
A box of chocolates for marzipan lovers, the Hotel Chocolat Marzipan Chocolate Box contains authentic marzipan in different chocolate recipes. Made with more almonds and less sugar Hotel Chocolat's marzipan is made from Californian almonds which gives it a classic texture and flavour.

The box contains six chocolates, in three flavours, and a large marzipan Ingot, all covered in rich dark chocolate to compliment the marzipan flavour.

Hotel Chocolat The Marzipan Selection:
  • Chocolate Type: Dark.
  • Flavours: Marzipan, orange, Amaretto, almond.
  • Types: Covered chocolates.
  • Number of chocolates: 7.
  • Weight: 150g.
  • Box: Rectangle, single layer.
  • Collection: Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Boxes, Hotel Chocolat Spotlight On.
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Hotel Chocolat Marzipan Chocolate Selection:

A chocolate box from Hotel Chocolat that showcases marzipan and chocolate, presented as a chocolate gift box.

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