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Chocolate Covered Fruit

Hotel Chocolat Kirsch Cherries Covered in Chocolate

Hotel Chocolat Kirsch Cherries Covered in Chocolate
Kirsch Cherries from Hotel Chocolat, succulent whole cherries covered in a layer of milk chocolate and then another layer of dark chocolate. The de-stoned cherries are softened and sweetened by a long soaking in Kirsch, cherry Brandy liqueur, before being enrobed in layers of chocolate.

The Kirsch Cherries are part of the Enrobed Fruit collection from Hotel Chocolat which also includes: Presented in a round tub with approximately 20 chocolate covered cherries, 150g.

Chocolate Covered Cherries:

A tub of cherry liqueur chocolates, whole pitted cherries, soaked in kirsch and enrobed in layers of milk then dark chocolate. Part of the Hotel Chocolat Enrobed Fruit range.

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