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Chocolate Bar

Hotel Chocolat Caramarvellous Giant Chocolate Slab

Hotel Chocolat Caramarvellous Giant Chocolate Slab
The giant white & caramel cookies chocolate slab from Hotel Chocolat, a massive 500g chocolate bar with chunks of cookies inside and chocolate Gemstones and caramel domes on top.

Bands of smooth caramel chocolate and creamy white chocolate give the huge chocolate slab a striped effect and the Gemstones and caramel domes a polka dot effect.

Presented in a bag with a handle the Hotel Chocolat White & Caramel Cookies Giant Chocolate Slab makes a wonderful chocolate gift, a dessert to share at a dinner party or a very big chocolate treat.

Hotel Chocolat Caramarvellous Giant Chocolate Slab:

An extra-large white and caramel chocolate bar, from the Hotel Chocolat Giant Chocolate Slabs range, half a kilo of alternating white chocolate and caramel chocolate stripes, finished with chocolate Gemstones and caramel domes.

Previously called Hotel Chocolat White & Caramel Giant Chocolate Slab and Hotel Chocolat Cookies & Creme Caramel Giant Chocolate Slab.

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